Eastrose is rocking!

In response to increased issues with uninvited night visitors on our property and after a meeting with Sergeant Mike Amend from the Gresham Police Neighborhood Enforcement Team we created several groups to help make our grounds safe and build stronger relationships with our neighbors.  The teams are:

  • Signage
  • Building safeguards
  • Trim and Prune
  • Nighttime Drive-Through our property
  • Neighborhood Canvass
  • We need a group who is willing to check out the grounds on Sunday morning before the service to make sure there is no stray garbage or other detritus around the church building and behind the peace garden.

Want to help? We will follow-up on progress in these areas when we gather on November 5 after the service. If there’s something you want to get involved with before then, send me an email and I’ll point you to someone working in that area.

Eastrose staff and Leadership is looking to do church in ways that are more respectful of your energy and time, and more relevant to those who will be coming into leadership.  Board and committee chairs met with Pacific Regional Staff Member Reverend Sarah Schurr to get us started.

We identified things we think we do well:

  • Staffing greeters and welcoming visitors
  • Quality Sunday Worship
  • Pastoral Care
  • Maintaining Facilities
  • First Sunday Potluck
  • Active Community Ministries by Affiliated Ministers
  • Supporting Adjunct congregations (URC and Lyceum of Trees)
  • Young people visiting – some stay
  • Financial health

And our challenges:

  • Volunteer jobs are way too big, in part because:
    • Volunteering to do one thing often leads to another; expectations are not always articulated; volunteering feels unsafe; once you volunteer no identified end-point; there’s no clear communication about what’s really needed;
  • And, we don’t have enough people to do all the jobs we have; experienced leaders either back away because they’re tired or have difficulty backing away, or trying new ways.

How are we going to address these strengths and issues?  Here are our starting points:

  • We are going to use the resources at hand to explore new ways of doing things
  • We’re going to make the implicit explicit by telling the minister; telling each other; telling the congregation.
  • And we’re going to work to create and maintain clear boundaries – use the Sacred No!

Wow – this is a lot of opportunity! 

And many of us – myself included – will need to learn new ways of doing things, making better use of all of our communication options, identifying what we can and cannot do, and together decide how our resources can be used to best express the promise of Unitarian Universalism and Eastrose.  Each of us has something to contribute.  What is it that you can do?  Take some time to think about it – talk to one another, and to me.  Together we are Eastrose – and together we can shine our beacon of love, respect and hope into a world that desperately needs to know that light shines for them.