Let’s Blog

Our Sunday service last week was an invitation to think outside the box about how we are in relationship with those we call “other”- people living in poverty, or homeless, for instance.  Part of that exploration was a conversation about what one thing Eastrose could do to be a positive force for change.  I promised to post the ideas that were shared and to extend an invitation to our community to be in conversation about those ideas.  So here they are:

  • Form an interfaith presence in Rockwood to meet together and work toward common goals.
  • Provide one meal per week to those suffering from food insecurity; this was something our sister congregation – the Universalist Recovery Church, led by Reverend Barbara Stevens, began to explore last year, so perhaps we could work together.
  • Become active with the Interfaith Alliance on Poverty. http://allianceonpoverty.org/
  • Look at the possibility of building a tiny house on our property.
  • Become more politically active.
  • Work on issues that underlie homelessness, especially domestic violence.


Now it’s up to us to be in conversation about these ideas, or others that occur.  We are building a different on-line platform to have these conversations, but for the time being, let’s blog!

[I can’t help but notice the date of this post – November 22, which I will always associate with the assassination of John F Kennedy.  He was the first President I remember, and he inspired me to pursue a life of justice-work.  I honor JFK today.]