Debby Smith-Rohmbock, DRE
Debby Smith-Rohmbock, Eastrose Director of Religious Exploration

a message from our Religious Exploration Director

As your Director of Religious Education (DRE), I am responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Eastrose Religious Education Program for Youth and Children as well as staffing and maintaining the Rosebud Nursery.

I have been a member of Eastrose since October 2012 and have been serving in RE since the Spring of 2011. I am currently working toward becoming a credentialed DRE by taking classes sponsored by the UUA, am a member of the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) and in addition to being a member I regularly attend the Pacific Northwest District’s (PNWD) LREDA chapter meetings.

My personal goal as DRE is to work in partnership with our minister, church leaders, the RE Committee, Eastrose families and our volunteer leadership to provide a well rounded religious education experience grounded in Unitarian Universalism that ministers to the needs of all.

For information about DRE professional development or the process of credentialing – visit the UUA’s RE Career info page here:

Children’s Religious Exploration – UU and You

Unitarian Universalists believe spiritual growth and self-discovery are lifelong processes. Our Religious Exploration (RE) community is supportive and nurturing, where one can explore the wisdom of many religious traditions and come to understand new truths.

Link to Wonderful Welcome – The UUA Curriculum we’re using in RE this Fall and Winter

Link to the Eastrose RE Calendar – from signing up to help, to seeing what’s scheduled – this is a go to source for those participating in the Religious Exploration program for Children and Eastrose.

Our Philosophy:  Here at Eastrose we have created a supportive, nurturing community where all of us can explore the wisdom of many religious traditions and come to understand new truths.  We express this in our curricula, our special activities, and inter-generational celebrations. We know that the success of a religious exploration program for children and youth depends greatly upon parents and other caring adults.  Our teachers bring warmth, enthusiasm and commitment to their classes, to your children.  We encourage parents and care-givers to bring their children to RE classes as consistently as possible to help them in building their sense of community and grow their friendships.

Our Goals are to help our children and youth:the golden rule

  • Develop their self-esteem and respect the worth of others,
  • Accept the responsibilities that freedom requires,
  • Understand that they can make positive choices,
  • Clarify moral, ethical and interpersonal values,
  • Create a sense of community with feelings of belonging and identity,
  • Understand and appreciate our religious heritage through the study of Unitarian Universalism and world religions.
  • Respect the interdependence of all life on Earth.
  • Work for peace and justice for all in an ever-changing world.

Religious Exploration Care Team:  This committee meets monthly to support, plan and develop the RE program.  We are always open to input from our religious community.  Visitors and new members are welcome.

The Curriculum: The Religious Exploration program provides opportunities for children and youth to experience worship, participate in social action, build community and deepen religious understanding and spirituality.  We use curricula tailored to the developmental stages represented in each class and incorporate a variety of activities to address the wide range of learning styles within our classes.

RE Registration: Registration forms, for infants through school aged children, are to be filled out as soon as possible.

Rosebuds Nursery and Pre-K: This room is for children 6 weeks to 4 years and is the gateway into our Religious Education Program. Child will find here a peaceful atmosphere, loving caregivers, new friends, UU songs, group snack, story time, and the beginnings of their Unitarian Universalist identity. The nursery is open from 10:15am to 12:15pm – Allowing adults to spend time socializing before and after the service.

Kindergarten through 5th grade:

Our school aged children begin their Sunday mornings in the sanctuary with their families. After the Story for all ages, our children are sung out to begin their Religious Exploration time together.

RE ends at Noon.