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May this covenant enrich our relationships and inspire our efforts to build a better world.

We covenant to be our best selves and to model trust, respect, and kindness.

We covenant to contribute friendship, insight and our talents to serve this congregation and others.

We covenant to respect diversity, to seek to understand differences and to assume people mean well.

We covenant to reach out to visitors and new members. We covenant to encourage humor where appropriate, to be diverse in our generosity and encourage those who are generous to practice self care.

We covenant to listen to understand while withholding judgment and to follow through on our commitments. We covenant to speak criticism with care and accept it with goodwill, to raise issues directly, promptly, bravely and gently, and refrain from criticism of those who are not present.

We covenant to set clear boundaries, encourage others to do so and respect the boundaries of others.

We covenant to create an environment of trust in our community by keeping confidences and asking others to keep them as well.

We covenant to make decisions through the democratic process by reaching consensus where possible while embracing conflict as a growth and a learning opportunity.

We covenant to strive to forgive others and ourselves in times of failure, to continue in community, and begin again with love and faith.

May 2010