Eastrose has strong connections to the local and regional community.

We are members of Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon  and the Community of Welcoming Congregations.

Our members founded SnowCap in Gresham and partner with the neighborhood group that developed Nadaka Park.

About every 6 weeks, we provide a week’s worth of lunches to Daybreak Shelter.

Sharing the Bounty 

One half of the Sunday offering for March, April, and May 2018 will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

UPDATE May 20, 2018: The congregation approved a plan to make the Sharing The Bounty program a quarterly project starting June 1. For three months, a single non-profit will benefit not only from Eastrose cash donations, but also from our involvement in volunteer activities supporting the non-profit. The four non-profits for 2018-19 are:

June, July, and August

Friends of Nadaka Park and Garden Project

The overall goal of Nadaka 2020 is to implement the 5-year operation, maintenance and programming plan for Nadaka Nature Park and Garden in a way that advances the following goals:

  1. Increase community awareness and use of Nadaka Nature Park and Garden.
  2. Engage the full diversity of people living or working in West Gresham in the stewardship of their immediate environment to improve social and ecological conditions at Nadaka and in surrounding neighborhoods.
  3. Create educational opportunities related to food, water, and wildlife that increase environmental literacy, especially for low-income people and people of color, and contribute to a strong sense of place and a diverse culture of stewardship around the park and throughout West Gresham.
  4. Create local employment opportunities, especially for low-income people and people of color that foster new conservation leaders and investment in the parks system.
  5. Create the capacity for the sustainable management of the park (social, ecological and financial) by developing organization commitments and a strong and diverse grassroots constituency.
  6. Establish Nadaka as a model of a full-service park in East Multnomah County.
  7. Build knowledge and capacity within collaborating organizations to effectively serve and partner with diverse immigrant and low-income communities in West Gresham.

Volunteer and informational opportunities:

  • Participate in free educational programming and possibly set up a group tour of the park as a kick-off event
  • Participate in regular park clean-up days
  • Help out at classes and events
  • Participate in larger community initiatives like partnering with Friends of Trees to plant trees in the Gresham area

Financial and Material Support Opportunities:

  • Money donations
  • Plant starts and gardening equipment

Human Solutions

Human Solutions has been helping homeless, and low-income families build pathways out of poverty since 1988. Our 245-mile service area, in outer East Portland and East Multnomah County, includes some of the highest poverty neighborhoods in Multnomah County. We offer services in four interrelated areas:

  • Prevention Services: Funds for rent and utility payments
  • Direct Services for Homeless Families: Two emergency shelters
  • Employment and Economic Development Programs: Training programs and funding for classes
  • Affordable Housing: Multiple complexes in the area

Volunteer and informational opportunities:

  • Tour of the Women’s shelter or possibly a tour of the current set up of housing former shelter residents in two motels. One of their shelters had to be closed last year due to issues with roof leaks, while they are evaluating the condition of the roof and ceiling to see if they can make repairs and move back into that shelter, they have been able to put those displaced residents into two nearby motels.

Here are the top options the volunteer and outreach coordinators suggested:

  • We are hoping to see if there would be a group who would like to assist us with taking the children to nearby parks, now that the weather is starting to shape up!  Additionally, some churches in the past have utilized their church vans or formed a carpool to take the kids out, or even back to their congregations for games and fun!  If this is something folks with your church would like to become involved with (being chaperones for these kids), I would be happy to brainstorm on how this could look with you all!
  • Our Women’s Shelter is home to 94 women fleeing Domestic Violence, and our current count in the two motels is about 160 individuals-half being children and infants.  As an organization, we strive to provide healthy meals to these folks; and accomplish that challenge largely with the help of community members, and places of worship!  Sometimes, it’s as easy as a group of individuals bringing in a large batch of spaghetti, or more in-depth such as hosting a BBQ.  In the face of crisis, it’s amazing what a thoughtful, home-cooked meal can do to lift some spirits!

Financial and Material Support Opportunities:

  • Spring Fundraising Campaign needs supporters as well as groups to offer match incentives.
  • Annual gala auction coming up in November where they’ll be celebrating their 30th Anniversary
  • Annual Holiday Store, a 3-day free shopping event during the holiday season for low-income families in East County for which they take donations of toys, gift cards, and household goods


SnowCap offers multiple services to low-income residents living east of 82nd Street in Multnomah County.

  • Emergency Food Pantry
  • Mobile Food Pantry
  • Monthly Free Food Market
  • Monthly Food Delivery to Seniors
  • Donated Clothes Closet
  • Back to School supplies and clothes
  • Community Garden
  • Help with Utility Bills when funding is available

Volunteer and informational opportunities:

  • Kick-off tour of SnowCap to give us a better idea of all the services they provide and answer any questions we had about SnowCap.
  • Inside projects that generally consist of either filling food boxes sorting and hanging donated clothing, or breaking down bulk amounts of some product (apples, potatoes, carrots, rice, oatmeal or even pet food) into smaller amounts that can then be put on their shopping-style pantry line.
  • Outside projects in their community garden or Pine Street Park (a neighborhood park that SnowCap helps maintain) could be arranged.

Available times: Most inside group volunteer projects need to occur on any available Tuesday, Thursday or Friday afternoons (any 2-hour window between 3 pm and 7 pm). There may be availability on Saturdays as well, between 9 am and 4 pm but that is a popular day, and we would have to plan in advance.

Financial and Material Support Opportunities:

  • Sharing the Bounty for the duration of the commitment
  • Food Pantry Donations
  • Clothing, Bedding and or Back to School Drive

Kinship House

Kinship House provides outpatient mental health services to foster and adopted children and their families. We specialize in championing children and families with target interventions during all stages of foster care, reunification, and adoption. Founded in 1996, we are a locally accessible facility based in the Lloyd District on the east side of Portland, Oregon.

Volunteer and informational opportunities:

  • We strive to provide a beautiful, peaceful facility for Kinship Kids to play and heal. This takes time, energy and muscle. You can help in any of the following ways:
  • Participate in our monthly Playroom Clean-up: You can contact us for the existing schedule, or you can gather your own people and arrange a group clean-up with us!
  • Bi-Annual Yard Clean-up: Every year there is general yard maintenance to perform, which we could not thoroughly complete without our volunteers. Plant, spread bark dust, pull weeds, sand, and re-varnish the play structure. You name it; we can use it!
  • Facilities Clean-up: The Kinship House and the Little House require general upkeep such as touch-up paint, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Specialty skills: If you are skilled in plumbing, electrical, woodwork, etc. and want to support Kinship House, we’d love for you to contact us and become our go-to professional when things come up.
  • Help with Kinship House Auction: Our annual Light the Way Auction, celebrating over 20 years of service in the community – Save the date!

When:  October 6, 2018
Where:  Lagunitas Community Room – Portland, OR

  • Help with Our Kin Mini Golf event: Provides a fun-filled day to local foster kids while supporting their ongoing well-being with therapy services at Kinship House! This is an annual event that’s full of fun and purpose.

When: July 21, 2018
Where: Eagle Landing Golf Course – Happy Valley, OR

Financial and Material Support Opportunities:

  • Money donations
  • Art supplies, craft kits, toys and games
  • Backpacks, coats, and shoes for their clothes closet program


  2017 Sharing the Bounty
January Wallace Medical Concern  $     244.33
February Oregon UU Voices for Justice  $     330.70
March Planned Parenthood  $     330.91
April Friends of Nadaka Park  $     325.77
May Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon  $     257.72
June Dougy Center  $     183.43
July Human Solutions  $     320.66
August C. of Welcoming Congregations  $     242.03
September JOIN  $     220.02
October Kinship House  $     301.75
November UU Service Committee
December Snowcap

Auction Lightning Round Recipients

Each year, two service agencies receive donations from “Lightning Rounds” at our annual “fun-raising” auction.

In 2018, IRCO (Immigrants and Refugee Community Organization received $2275. Community Transitional School received $1927.50.

In 2017, Friends of Trees received $1149.50 and Camp Collins received $1643.50

Chalice Lighters

generously answer 3 calls a year to finance projects in other UU congregations. That’s $20 or whatever you can afford, three times a year, donated either online or by snail mail. You can sign up here: Chalice Lighter Enrollment.

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 Welcoming Congregation

Eastrose is also a member of the Unitarian Universalist Welcoming Congregationsprogram which helps Unitarian Universalists understand the ways that our practices, language, and faith culture can make LGBTQ people feel excluded. We try to take active steps toward welcome and inclusion instead.

Connections to Unitarian Universalism . . .

100 Questions That Non-Members Ask about Unitarian Universalists

Unitarian Universalist Association

The UUA website of the national organization of the UU denomination.

Pacific Northwest District

Our UU district, similar to a diocese, but without a bishop, has been folded in to the Pacific Western District. 

UUA Social Justice Action

Religious Education Curricula Resources

The Church of the Larger Fellowship

(CLF) is a congregation of Unitarian Universalists found all over the world. Members who are isolated by chance or by choice, can maintain a spiritual connection to our religion for themselves and their children through this virtual church.

Members receive mailings of Quest, a monthly publication of sermons and other material, and uu&me!, a children’s magazine. Also offered are religious education materials and consultation, a loan library of books, audio and videotapes, email lists and a cyber community.

Taking it Home: Families and Faith

is the UUA’s Family Matters Task Force booklet series. It is for congregations and families to use at home and in community to support them through life transitions and spiritual/ethical challenges. These booklets are published on the UUA website: www.uua.org/families, and are also available on CD.