Eastrose has strong connections to the local and regional community.

We are members of Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon  and the Community of Welcoming Congregations.

Our members founded SnowCap in Gresham and partner with the neighborhood group that developed Nadaka Park.

About every 6 weeks, we provide a week’s worth of lunches to Daybreak Shelter.

Sharing the Bounty 

UPDATE May 20, 2018: The congregation approved a plan to make the Sharing The Bounty program a quarterly project starting June 1. For three months, a single non-profit will benefit not only from Eastrose cash donations, but also from our involvement in volunteer activities supporting the non-profit. The four non-profits for 2018-19 are:

Human Solutions

Friends of Nadaka


Kinship House

One half of the Sunday offering for March, April, and May 2018 will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

UPDATE JANUARY 2018: For several years Eastrose has shared one half of the Sunday offering among various charitable organizations whose values are in keeping with our mission.  For January and February, your Eastrose board has decided that our own church should be the recipient of the shared bounty.  Our 2018 budget was balanced with church savings and special funds.  We want to replenish our savings and find new opportunities to generate financial support immediately. This is why the board decided that we should now help ourselves so that we may continue to keep our doors open and to help others in our community.  For additional information, please see Reverend Patti’s recent blog post.

  2017 Sharing the Bounty
January Wallace Medical Concern  $     244.33
February Oregon UU Voices for Justice  $     330.70
March Planned Parenthood  $     330.91
April Friends of Nadaka Park  $     325.77
May Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon  $     257.72
June Dougy Center  $     183.43
July Human Solutions  $     320.66
August C. of Welcoming Congregations  $     242.03
September JOIN  $     220.02
October Kinship House  $     301.75
November UU Service Committee
December Snowcap

Auction Lightning Round Recipients

Each year, two service agencies receive donations from “Lightning Rounds” at our annual “fun-raising” auction.

In 2018, IRCO (Immigrants and Refugee Community Organization received $2275. Community Transitional School received $1927.50.

In 2017, Friends of Trees received $1149.50 and Camp Collins received $1643.50

gay rainbow stickers

 Welcoming Congregation

Eastrose is also a member of the Unitarian Universalist Welcoming Congregations program which helps Unitarian Universalists understand the ways that our practices, language, and faith culture can make LGBTQ people feel excluded. We try to take active steps toward welcome and inclusion instead.

Connections to Unitarian Universalism . . .

Chalice Lighters answer 3 calls a year to finance projects in other UU congregations. That’s $20 or whatever you can afford, three times a year, donated either online or by snail mail. You can sign up here: Chalice Lighter Enrollment  Find out more here: Chalice Lighters

100 Questions That Non-Members Ask about Unitarian Universalists

Unitarian Universalist Association The UUA website of the national organization of the UU denomination.

Pacific Northwest District Our UU district, similar to a diocese, but without a bishop, has been folded in to the Pacific Western District. 

UUA Social Justice Action

Religious Education Curricula Resources

The Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF) is a congregation of Unitarian Universalists found all over the world. Members who are isolated by chance or by choice, can maintain a spiritual connection to our religion for themselves and their children through this virtual church.

Members receive mailings of Quest, a monthly publication of sermons and other material, and uu&me!, a children’s magazine. Also offered are religious education materials and consultation, a loan library of books, audio and videotapes, email lists and a cyber community.

Taking it Home: Families and Faith  is the UUA’s Family Matters Task Force booklet series. It is for congregations and families to use at home and in community to support them through life transitions and spiritual/ethical challenges. These booklets are published on the UUA website: www.uua.org/families, and are also available on CD.