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October 15, 2017
Walking to Listen
Rev. Patti Pomerantz

Hear the story of a young man who walked across the US listening to stories.  I’ll share some of his personal story, and also the stories of others he shared in his book.  We will also be celebrating New Members during the service. This sermon was purchased at the Eastrose Auction by Jude Watson.  Thank you Jude for your ongoing support of so many different aspects of the Eastrose community.
Program Leader: Carol Knox

Following the service, there will be an important conversation and listening — please plan to stay.
Food and child care will be provided.

October 22, 2017
Building Beloved Community
Rev. Sarah Schurr

What does the future hold for UU Churches and Fellowships and how can we survive and thrive as communities of faith in these changing times? Part of the answer involves letting go of some of our old habits and embracing a bigger concept of the Beloved Community.  Rev. Sarah Schurr is our primary contact from the Pacific Western Region of the UUA.
Program Leader: Jessica Reid

October 29, 2017
In Darkness, Light
Rev. Patti Pomerantz

I remember as a young child the excitement of being in the Halloween darkness; I imagine the promise of a bag of candy helped.  As I became familiar with the Central and Latin American Día de los Muertos celebration, a family time of celebrating the spirits of those who have died, the allure of facing into the darkness grew.  It is a good time to think about the full cycle of life, and the promise of remembering. This year, I want to celebrate this time through the promise of light implied by the darkness.  What are the roots of the coming light?  How can we use those roots to latch onto the hope embedded in the cycle of darkness leading to
light?  Perhaps some Halloween candy will help us all remember our childhood joy of entering into the dark night knowing that it will be followed by the light of day.
Program Leader: Karen Pyle

November 5, 2017
I Hope
Rev. Patti Pomerantz

This song, I Hope, released ten years ago by The Dixie Chicks, takes me to another time when our country was in the midst of a deep political divide. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than that. Well, we lived through that time, into another where I can’t imagine anything worse; so I have to believe we’ll live through this current deep divide as well.  Sometimes I need the music to remind me of that hope.  The chorus of this song begins: “I hope for more love, more joy and laughter, I hope we’ll have more than we’ll ever need…”  Yes, that’s what I
want too.
Program Leader: Cynthia Hopkins

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